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01/26/04 Highlights from the Red Carpet to the Golden Globes

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Judy Thorburn

Highlights from the Red Carpet to the Golden Globes

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No doubt, it was a star-studded event at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremonies, which was held inside the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Being the last and most prestigious awards given before the Oscars, everyone from who’s who in the movie and TV industry, to the fans, were anxious to see whom the Hollywood Foreign Press honored as the best in their category for 2003. It was a night of glamour and excitement, beginning with the red carpet coverage where, if you are like me, you get to see who topped the list as fashion knockouts and who were fashion blunders. 

The E channel had mother and daughter act Joan and Melissa Rivers, once again, doing their shtick interviewing every nominated star from the small to the big screen they good get their hands on as the celebrity hot shots made their way down the red carpet before entering the building. But, I have one big problem with this un-dynamic duo. Don’t they hear what comes out of their mouth? Amazing, amazing, amazing – they repeat that word over and over and over again.  If I have to listen to these bobsy twins exclaim how “amazing” everyone looked one more time, I am going to hurl.  Lovely, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, even divine may be fitting for some of the superstars all dolled up for the ceremonies. But, how many people actually look amazing, people?  To think that Melissa actually told Allison Janney, star of TV’s The West Wing that she looked “beyond amazing”. Unbelievable!  I wanted to gag. Surely, these two Ms. Rivers must have another adjective in their vocabulary, or are their pretentious babble enough to make everyone else besides me, a little sick.  I find it AMAZING that year after year the E channel brings these annoying women back to continue giving TV audiences their dreadful coverage of the red carpet event. My advice to Joan is this – at least do some research and know what you are talking about when you interview a celebrity. Case in point – She asked Sarah Jessica Parker how she felt being the only member of Sex and The City’s female quartet being nominated. All four stars were nominated, Joan. This is something you should have known, for sure!!! And did you really call Kim Catrall “every gay man’s dream’?  What the heck does that mean?  Let’s hope Kim didn’t hear Joan over the noise of the crowd.

Leading the best dressed list had to be the very pregnant Cate Blanchett (Veronica Guerin), a glowing vision in a low cut clingy red dress with lovely train that made no attempt to hide her swollen belly, and 20 year old Amber Tamblyn (star of TV’s Joan of Arcadia), looking like a princess with her flowing hair pulled halfway back and wearing a sleeveless white gown that was full from the waist.  But, what happened to the stunning Nicole Kidman? The woman who usually tops the best-dressed list at every event showed up wearing an unattractive headband and her hair in chin length curls. Who ever did her hair and dressed her should be fired.  I would hate to think this was self-inflicted.

Now, to the show.   Every year a star’s daughter is given the title of Miss Golden Globe, to which their job is to just look pretty on stage and lead the presenters and award winners in the right direction after getting their award. This year Kevin Costner’s daughter, Lily, had the fortune of being chosen.  What a tough job!

As for the awards itself, although Cold Mountain was the most nominated motion picture, it won in only one category, to which Renee Zellwegger walked away with best Supporting Actress in a Drama.  Word for the wise, Renee- you look sooo much better, and healthier with those extra pounds you put on for The Bridget Jones sequel. Don’t lose it. That emaciated look is not for you!

The big winner was Lord of the Rings- Return of the King that took home four awards for Motion Picture Drama:  Best Film, Best Director- Peter Jackson, Best Original Score- Howard Shore, and Best Original Song “Into the West”- music and lyrics by Howard Shore and Fran Walsh, sung by Annie Lennox

Lost in Translation won three awards in Motion Picture Comedy category: Best Film, Best Original Screenplay- Sofia Coppola, and Best Actor- Bill Murray

Mystic River won two awards, for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama- Tim Robbins and Best Actor in a Drama - Sean Penn.

Best Actress Drama - Charlize Theron for Monster (looking as beautiful as ever, exclaiming, “This is insane. I’m just a girl from a farm in South Africa”)

Best Actress Comedy - Diane Keaton for Something’s Gotta Give (totally in white from neck to toe- white gloves, white dress coat, hip length pearls, and white boots- I was snow blinded!)

The Cecille B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement was given to Michael Douglas whose father, Kirk, received the same award in 1968.  Danny DeVito and Sharon Stone (in short, spiked platinum hair), who have costarred with him on screen, shared the podium as presenters. DeVito stated that he has known Michael longer than some husband’s wives have been alive (a humorous dig at Michael; obviously in reference to his much younger wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Major film stars walked away with the Golden Globe for their work in television, aka the small screen.

Meryl Streep (who realized the bottom of her dress was transparent and joked about it) won Best Actress, Al Pacino won Best Actor, and Mary Louise Parker (who recently gave birth and remarked on how great her boobs looked for it) won Best Supporting Actress for their roles in Angels in America, which was awarded Best Mini Series or TV Movie.

Sarah Jessica Parker won for her Best Actress TV Comedy role in Sex and the City (no surprise), Best Actor TV Series Drama was Anthony Lapaglia (Without a Trace), and Best Actress TV Drama Series was Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under). But, the surprise of the evening was (pardon me, but why have I never even heard of this show?) Best Comedy Series winner, the BBC produced The Office, which also landed its star Ricky Gervais, the Best Actor Comedy Series award.

Other stars who appeared on the red carpet or at the after show parties were petite and perky, Brittany Murphy (star of Just Married and Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend, pre Demi Moore) who joyfully showed off both her new fiancé, Jeffrey and her exquisite diamond engagement ring.  Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation, Girl With A Pearl Earring), when asked about how she feels about being a “hot commodity”, replied, “it’s a strange adjustment.  I still eat at Subway”. Now, isn’t that nice!

One star that didn’t seem to be having a great time was Jamie Lee Curtis, accompanied by her very tall daughter. Having lost as Best Actress in Movie Comedy for her Freaky Friday remake, I guess she wasn’t in a good mood. E’s Dave Adelson asked her opinion of the show, and she complained about being seated in the aisle where she “literally got her head banged by cameramen” that were all around her.  Poor Jamie!

All in all, The Golden Globes give the stars and their fans an idea of what to expect at the Academy Awards. It may be three hours of boredom to some, but if you love the movies like I do, I am anxious to see who will be going home with that other golden boy, Oscar.

He’s the best!

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