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Regal Entertainment Group Praised for Making Moviegoing Accessible to All

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Cutting-edge technology receives accolades from guests and advocacy groups

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.--(Business Wire)--Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), a leading motion picture exhibitor owning and operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States, announced a milestone with more than 400 theatres now offering the Sony Entertainment Access System at locations across the country. The cutting-edge technology continues to receive accolades for making moviegoing accessible to all.

“Over the years, Regal has been a leader in providing greater access for guests who may be deaf, hard of hearing, blind or with low vision”

“We deeply appreciate and are encouraged by all of the positive feedback from guests and advocacy groups who recognize Regal’s leadership in this area,” stated Rob Del Moro, Chief Purchasing Officer for Regal Entertainment Group. “The evolution from open caption presentations and earlier generations of technology to our advanced Sony Entertainment Access System has led to the dawning of a new age of greater access at Regal. And we could not be more proud of the progress.”

Regal Entertainment Group received this year’s Access Award from the American Foundation for the Blind. During the Foundation’s annual conference held in Chicago, Regal received a standing ovation in recognition of the company’s commitment. The Access Awards honored several individuals, corporations and organizations for eliminating or substantially reducing obstacles faced by people with vision loss. Regal was commended for improving access for the blind and low vision communities and providing access to the movies.

“Over the years, Regal has been a leader in providing greater access for guests who may be deaf, hard of hearing, blind or with low vision,” stated Randy Smith, Chief Administrative Officer and Counsel for Regal Entertainment Group. “With Regal’s rollout of the Sony Entertainment Access System, the studios have responded by making captions and descriptive audio content available on most films. When this content is available, Regal is able to provide complete access to practically all features and showtimes daily to accommodate more guests.”

As an advocate for making moviegoing accessible to everyone, Smith recently served as moderator for a panel discussion at CinemaCon, the global convention for movie theatre operators. The seminar provided a comprehensive discussion of captioning issues and consumer reaction. Manufacturers of access technologies were also participants for an open forum discussing advancements in closed captioning and descriptive audio.

The Sony Entertainment Access System was introduced to American moviegoers exclusively by Regal in April 2012. The system includes specially designed lightweight eyewear for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing to privately view closed captioned text directly in their line of sight for both 2D and 3D movies. This assistive technology can accommodate headphones or neck loops connected to the wireless receiver to hear descriptive audio tracks for patrons who have low vision or those who are blind. The access glasses and audio headsets allow guests to individually enjoy the cinema experience in a relaxed, natural way without the inconvenience of separate screening times or special seating.

The system is available at the Guest Services counter or from any manager. Captions and descriptive audio can only be accessed by use of this equipment and it is not visible or audible to other moviegoers. To select films offering this service, online showtimes will note: “Accessibility Devices Available.”

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