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Filmmaker, Mitch Cohen, Employs Kickstarter to Bring Unconventional Tale of the Undead to Life

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Unlikely hero of unique zombie apocalypse film “Super Zero” finds 15-minutes of fame in end of days

LOS ANGELES--(Business Wire)--If fervor and preparedness were enough to make a film in Hollywood, viewers in movie theaters across the country would already be enjoying Mitch Cohen’s original short film, “Super Zero.” However, since the one thing it does take to make a film is money, Cohen, a 36-year-old L.A.-based writer and director, recently launched a campaign – to make his vision for a new kind of zombie movie a reality.

    “Super Zero is really an epic win for the average guy”

Cohen, a father to two-year-old twins, who has been responsible for some of the industry’s most recognizable video game campaigns, conceived the unconventional “geek culture” film years ago, but was forced to shelve his passion project with the arrival of his children. Now, with a little help from friends and strangers alike, Cohen and his team are hoping to raise $34,500 by July 31, 2013 to make it happen.

An original take on a popular genre, Super Zero is the story of a geeky, shy and terminally ill teen, who rises from utter insignificance to become a zombie assassin and mankind's last hope for survival. In traditional zombie films, by definition, the end of the world is the worst possible scenario for everyone. In Super Zero, the film’s protagonist finally finds purpose in his life while the rest of the world scrambles to save theirs.

“Super Zero is really an epic win for the average guy,” said Cohen of his film. “The movie celebrates the overlooked, the eccentric and the powerless, combining sci-fi/horror with comic book-inspired action, irreverent comedy and a totally relatable and ultimately awesome average guy lead character. Plus there are zombies…a ton of zombies!”

Cohen, a self-confessed lover of all things geek, further describes Super Zero as his personal love letter to the community. He is hopeful that all those out there that may resemble him, or perhaps more aptly may identify with Super Zero’s protagonist, who is the everyday gamer/comic book kid, will be inspired to get involved and support the project. Cohen also hopes he may strike a chord with other visionaries out there that understand the struggle to balance family and career.

“Kickstarter is an amazing tool for identifying and connecting with audiences that share your passion and vision, even before you’re able to bring it to the screen,” said Cohen. “And much like the story behind Super Zero, it allows average folks to be a part of something extraordinary.”

Interested contributors can select pledge categories from $1 to $10,000+ and receive rewards for joining the Super Zero production team, including signed scripts, cameos in the film, set visits and on-screen production credits.

Cohen, the film’s writer and director, is joined on Super Zero by Producer Shane Spiegel and Cinematographer Idan Menin.


Mitch Cohen, a Los Angeles-based writer and director, lives, works and breathes “Geek Culture.” From film to video games to comics, he's both a fan and a contributing artist to the community. However, growing tired of much of the rehashed, derivative fare that is continually pushed onto the culture, Cohen is turning to the community members themselves to help him bring to life Super Zero, a zombie film they can champion as novel, compelling and completely original.

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