Announcing the Premiere of WARX2: The Unseen Battleground, the War of Ghosts and Spirits

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Announcing the Premiere of WARX2: The Unseen Battleground, the War of Ghosts and Spirits

In theaters December 6, 2013, the new documentary film, WARX2, uncovers truths about military suicides.

November 04, 2013 09:37 AM Eastern Standard Time

HOUSTON--(Business Wire)--The new documentary film, WARX2 (war times 2), explores suicide deaths in the US military and their causes. It asks the question: perhaps our soldiers are not just experiencing post-traumatic stress; perhaps they are experiencing spiritual warfare? WARX2 is presented by the Strasson Group. The goal of the documentary is to educate soldiers about Arab and African cultures and their traditions in regard to ghosts and spirits.

The film is entitled WARX2 because it illustrates the fact that US soldiers are fighting two wars. One is the physical war, meaning gun war and the other is the spiritual or unseen war such as the war of ghosts and spirits.

There are shockingly high US military and veteran suicide rates. In 2011 and 2012 there were more suicide deaths among active duty US soldiers than actual US military combat deaths. WARX2 investigates what may be transpiring with our soldiers. WARX2 includes real life accounts of soldiers and their struggles with suicide. The documentary film gives insight into reports about spiritual attacks and spiritual brainwashing. Viewers can learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones against ghosts and spirits that may be used to attack US soldiers and other people spiritually.

Viewers of the new documentary film, WARX2, will gain understanding about mind control, spiritual attacks, and ghost attacks. They will learn how the enemy may use ghosts and spirits to fight and retaliate. Interesting particulars are explored considering ghost fights vs. gun fights. With this detailed information, the Strasson Group hopes to help our soldiers protect themselves against suicidal tendencies.

The Strasson Group is passionate about educating the public about spiritual warfare taking place today. They are offering free copies of their DVDs to families of US soldiers and veterans.

About WARX2:

WARX2 is a must see documentary film that is coming to theaters in late fall 2013.