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  1. Venice: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Faces the Press, but Where Is Florence Pugh?
    Though the movie’s star skipped the media session, director Olivia Wilde called rumors of their feud ‘endless tabloid gossip.’
  2. The 50 Best Movies on HBO Max Right Now
    In addition to new Warner and HBO films, the streamer has a treasure trove of Golden Age classics, indie flicks and foreign films. Start with these.
  3. These Reboots of Cartoon Classics Are Exceptional, Delightful Art
    Looney Tunes and Disney delivered wit and joy in their updates on old favorites.
  4. In Echo of Soviet Era, Russia’s Movie Theaters Turn to Pirate Screenings
    In a Cold War throwback, some venues are showing bootleg versions after Hollywood studios pulled films from the country. Still, viewer numbers have tanked.
  5. Ann Sarnoff, Warner Bros. Chief, Is Set to Leave
    Ms. Sarnoff became the first woman to hold the job in 2019, but Discovery’s C.E.O. is expected to take over at least some of her role himself.
  6. New Era Begins at Warner Bros., Back Toward Its Entertainment Roots
    With a new owner, the 99-year-old movie studio appears headed back to its traditional sweet spot as an entertainment company. But the business of Hollywood is no longer the same.
  7. Discovery Announces New Leaders For Soon-to-be Warner Bros. Discovery
    David Zaslav, the chief executive of Discovery who will lead the new company, appointed many of his longtime lieutenants to key positions.
  8. Streaming Companies Eye Britain for Studios to Meet Demand
    Netflix, Amazon Prime and other studios are snapping up soundstages in Britain and building more, drawn by an experienced labor pool and alluring tax incentives.
  9. Disney and Warner Bros. Will Pause Movie Releases in Russia
    Affected films include “The Batman” from Warner and “Turning Red” from Disney-Pixar.
  10. Matt Reeves on 'The Batman' and Robert Pattinson
    Amid concurrent versions of the crime-fighter, this director aimed for something personal that would also serve a studio’s needs. The result is a foreboding vision.


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