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NYT > Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  1. This Year Was a Disaster. We Hope the Sequel Is Better.
    We streamed, we watched, we worried. We also wondered what the catastrophe called 2020 will mean for movies.
  2. This Blockbuster Is Coming to a Living Room Near You
    The next generation of event viewing is likely to look more like ‘Game of Thrones’ and less like ‘Tenet.’
  3. With HBO Streaming, Warner Bros. Looks Beyond the Movie Theater
    Warner Bros. has embraced a digital future. The rest of the industry would do well to pay mind.
  4. HBO Max Will Stream All 2021 Warner Bros. Movies
    Seventeen movies will each arrive in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously, the biggest challenge yet to Hollywood’s traditional way of doing business.
  5. Warner Bros. Trades Box Office for HBO Max, but Stars Still Want Their Money
    If studios are no longer trying to maximize ticket sales, what will that mean for often lucrative pay packages tied to a film’s performance in theaters?
  6. Why ‘Wonder Woman’ at Home Matters
    The Netflix model is winning, and the entertainment industry may be changed forever.
  7. Experts and Leaders Weigh In on How to Fix America
    Experts weigh in with one thing to do right now.
  8. Hollywood’s Obituary, the Sequel. Now Streaming.
    In the 110-year history of the American film industry, never has so much upheaval arrived so quickly and on so many fronts.
  9. ‘Animaniacs’ Is Back, Still Zany and Totally Insane-y
    The antic cartoon satire of the 1990s returns on Hulu with new episodes, original cast members and steep expectations to fulfill.
  10. Scary Is How You Act, Not Look, Disability Advocates Tell Filmmakers
    “The Witches,” a film in which Anne Hathaway’s character has disfigured hands, has resurfaced the debate over depicting evil as disabled.


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