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Jacqueline Monahan

Running 4 President Premieres at Rave in Town Square

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Jacqueline Monahan

Jacqueline Monahan

Las Vegas Round The Clock
Jacqueline Monahan is an English tutor for the GEAR UP program at UNLV.
She is also a consultant for Columbia College Chicago in Adjunct Faculty Affairs
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Running 4 President Premieres at Rave Cinema in Town Square

The long anticipated political comedy feature film, "Running 4 President" (R4P, and yes, the 4 means something), premiered in Las Vegas on December 15 at Rave Motion Pictures in Town Square filling the spacious Auditorium 18 to capacity.

The film, directed by Nevada Film Alliance Deputy Secretary (and Director of Advisors & General Membership) Marko Sakren, chronicles the misadventures of Todd and Dale, two young, post-college slackers on the brink of eviction, who fancy themselves oxygen bar entrepreneurs, After all, “Who doesn’t need air?” they reason, while snorting their product lazily. They come up with a promotional scheme to try to save their business by initiating an open presidential campaign, netting four very different candidates – one is running on an anti-bean platform. Even Todd and Dale can’t stop the momentum they’ve created with the general public, which makes for a wild ride into political madness.

Marko Sakren

The two principal actors who portray Todd (Griffin Stanton-Ameison) and Dale (John E. Carson) are Las Vegas-based, but hail from Philadelphia and Mesquite respectively. Liana Alexandra, who portrays last-minute candidate Georgia Washington is also a Las Vegas resident and one of the founders of the NFA.

A red carpet reception awaited the cast in the main hallway before the screening.
Sakren, cast and crew members attended the premiere, which began with an introduction from the director while stills from the film were displayed on the giant digital screen. Sakren mentioned that there were 150 participants in the making of the film, which was done on a shoestring budget and started production back in 2004.

In addition to directing, Sakren wrote, executive produced, edited and did R4P’s sound design. He dedicated the film to his cartoonist father. R4P is his fourth feature to be produced. The DVD will be available for purchase beginning on Presidents Day, 2010. A Premiere edition is available now through the film’s website.

Standing room only

An after-party at Anthony’s Coal-fired Pizza featured a 10% discount for attendees, and the venue went from being less than half filled to bustling with activity. One of the most popular dishes, the Eggplant Marino, named after former Miami Dolphins quarterback, was in such constant demand that it caused a pileup of orders in the kitchen. With its paper thin slices doused in marinara sauce (no cheese), the wait was made tolerable by what showed up on the plate. Meanwhile, pizzas flew through the room like Frisbees, their crisp, cracker-like crusts made so by the exclusive use of anthracite coal in the special oven that allows Anthony’s have “coal-fired” in their restaurant title.

Cast and crew were interviewed, filmed and photographed at the restaurant as an energetic, roving photographer captured guests either posed or in mid-bite at the large wooden tables in the private dining room.

The evening proved that filmmaking is alive and well in Nevada – even though, as in R4P’s case, it might take a hit of oxygen to get the (political) party started.

About the Nevada Film Alliance (NFA):

"The NFA connects all ends of the Nevada film community for the purpose of generating a profitable, statewide, film export market."
- Marko Sakren

The Nevada Film Alliance is a non-profit Nevada corporation dedicated to the independent filmmakers of Nevada and their associated talent. It is comprised of multiple resources to assist aspiring and working filmmakers, crew and talent residing in the state. The NFA is currently collecting high-grade, professionally produced clips of films and talent for a statewide demo DVD, showcasing the best Nevada has to offer the film industry at large.

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